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Although Stock Market trading may seem simple, it requires a scientific approach to successfully initiate a trade. As a trader, it's crucial to concentrate on the thriving Sectors and Stocks. I would be delighted to share my trading concepts on this platform on a Daily Basis and I'm confident that you will gain from them.

When it comes to trading, Technical and Derivative Analysis is a surefire way to succeed. Technical Analysis is based on Statistics and Probability, enabling traders to identify the best potential trade Entry and Exit prices. On the other hand, Derivative Analysis aids in risk identification and management.

Let's embark on this journey together and experience growth.

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rajesh satpute

Rajesh Satpute

With more than two decades of experience in equity research, Rajesh Satpute is an accomplished Technical and Derivatives Analyst in the Indian stock market. As a SEBI Registered Research Analyst (SEBI REGISTRATION No. : INH000005494), he is well-versed in analyzing global trends and their influence on Indian equity markets. Rajesh possesses extensive knowledge of Elliot Wave Theory as well as Dow Theory and their implications in different market cycles such as Bull & Bear markets.

Rajesh is a sought-after guest on television who has worked with some of India's premier Business and Financial News Channels and Websites, such as CNBC AWAAZ, BTVI, Zee Business, and He currently makes frequent appearances on CNBC AWAAZ, India's top Hindi Business Channel, and his viewpoints are highly appreciated by the viewers. His proficiency in Contrarian Theory and Elliott Wave Theory has enabled investors to make long-term investments in equity markets.


  • Reputation : You can't buy a good reputation; you have to earn it.

  • Consistency : The key to success is consistency.

  • Passion : People with great passion can make the impossible happen.

  • Accuracy : Accuracy is what builds the credibility.

  • Price : Price is what you pay. value is what you get.

  • Cause : A life without a cause is a life without effect.

  • Trust : Trust is earned when actions meet words.

  • Culture : A company without a culture can not build a sustianable business.

  • Customer : It takes monthe to find a customer, seconds to loose it.

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It’s Been Over A Decade Since I Know Rajeshji, A Gem Of A Person, Down To Earth Personality, Jolly Nature And A Dear Friend. Above All, He Is Knowledgeable And A Great Technical & Derivatives Analyst. His Success Ratio And Strong Grip On Technical Charts Had Earned Him The Title Of "CIRCUIT GURU" Of CNBC AWAAZ :). I Wish Him All The Very Best For His Future Endeavors.


I have the privilege of being associated with Rajeshji for more than a decade, way back in the year 2010 -11, I started my on-air discussion with him on markets. This has been a beautiful journey so far and constant discussion on Index as well as stocks with him has sharpened my Sword Of Analysis too. It's wonderful to get an in-depth analysis of markets by a Technical Analyst like him. Hats off. I wish him every success in his future endeavors.


Anchor, Editor F&O, CNBC Awaaz
Rajesh Satpute is one of the best Technical & Derivatives Analyst of the country and has always helped traders for money making ideas on a daily basis. His knowledge of Charts and Patterns is mostly accurate. My friend, Best wishes for future endeavors.


From a core statistician to a chartist, Rajesh has had an incredible journey despite the ups and downs and wild gyrations of the markets. His skill to spot trades is commendable. My compliments and best wishes to his new venture.


Senior Editor, CNBC Awaaz
I've interacted with Rajeshji on various occasions both on-air and off-air. What I appreciate the most about his analysis is, he knows exactly which strategies to bank upon in different market cycles. He ensures his clients create wealth no matter what the market trend is. At the same time, the vast experience he has in real-time market analysis helps him in identifying the right opportunities for minimizing losses and maximizing returns. He is an astute and proficient analyst and has an unbiased approach. I wish him All The Best for his future endeavors.


Rajesh Satpute is not a new name in Equity Markets. I have known him for more than a decade, I have done many shows with him and have interacted off air as well. He is full of immense knowledge when it comes to lines and charts of stocks. His perfect identification has helped many in making profits. What I like about him most is that he is never biased and holds his view firmly no matter what anyone thinks. Interestingly is I have noticed that usually, he has been right. He has vast experience in this industry and so his abilities and skills are known by all. I wish him all the success in his new venture.


Market Anchor, cnbc awaaz
Having seen Rajesh Satpute for over a decade, I hold him in high esteem as an unbiased, honest, well informed, and insightful analyst offering great guidance and actionable strategies for retail investors. Rajesh is constantly innovating with cutting edge indicators customized to the Indian markets, with a deep understanding of the actual, on the ground reality in India, which enables him to not only offer consistently profitable picks but to also avoid the many pitfalls, that lead to losses for investors. As he embarks on the next leg of his journey, I wish him all success in serving the investors with honest, profitable and actionable advice.


I have known Rajesh for long now both as a friend & as a Technical Analyst, I must say that he is one of the very few who I feel not has the in-depth knowledge but more importantly has the ability to convey it to a mass audience in a very simple & understanding language without using any complex words. Not only he has the ability to spot opportunity in a Bull Market but he has the fantastic ability in discovering opportunity in the Bear Market by identifying chart trends which are turning bearish be it Index or stocks futures puts or calls. I wish him all the very best in all endeavors of life.


Knowing Rajesh Satpute for over a decade, he is one I can trust for unbiased stock calls. Candid, Very methodical, well-grounded, calculative in his Analysis, Rajesh worked on powerful strategies that maximized profits for the Investors. I wish him great success in his future endeavors


Rajesh is one of the most sincere and focussed chartists that I have come across and has an innate ability to cut the noise off and only concentrate on finding the best moves through his hard work in reading charts. I am sure his contribution to supporting traders and investors alike will go a long way in engaging him in their decision-making process as an advisor for Indian investors!


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