NIFTY (SPOT)26th Sep 2023

Market Outlook

Market Outlook :  This month has been marked by volatility, influenced by both weak global and domestic signals. While the stock market has experienced a significant uptrend, these corrections provide attractive entry opportunities for newcomers. From a technical standpoint, Nifty surged by 964 points, reaching a new peak of 20,222 after starting at 19,258, but has since cooled off. S....

NIFTY (SPOT) 9th Apr 2021

Market Outlook

On a little larger perspective, we are expecting Nifty (Spot) (Closing Price : 14834.85) to remain range bound with an upper resistance zone of 15150 - 15200 levels whereas down side support band is near 14450 - 14400 levels as one can clearly observe here in Nifty (Spot) Daily chart. A range bound market is the one where you will get stock specific moves rather than convincing Index moves. ....

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